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Some of the reasons why animation makes sense for you and your project:

  • Save Time
    • Compared to live action, animation could save you valuable time. Voice work for a series of videos can be done in as little as a day while the animation process itself can often be completed in the same amount of time as most live action projects spend in postproduction.
  • Save Money
    • Not only can animation save time, which is money, it can save you actual money as well. Fewer people involved in the creation of your project mean fewer people you have to pay. Also consider the savings on props, wardrobe, filming permits, etc. and it quickly adds up in the favor of getting animated.
  • Communicate
    • People engage with animation like no other medium. Animation allows you to present your message in a simple, fun manner that resonates with your audience. It is a great way for you to tell your story in a quick, concise form that people can easily consume.
  • Stand out
    • Nothing grabs people’s attention and stands out quite like animation. Whether you’re targeting B2B or B2C advertising, using animation immediately sets you apart from the crowd. Take advantage of the power custom animation has to reflect your personality. Let everyone else be mundane while you’re being memorable.
  • Command Attention
    • Don’t be boring. Get animated! People probably won’t listen to Bob in Accounting, yet they will listen to a fire breathing unicorn. Even kinetic text is more interesting than watching Bob stand there and talk (sorry Bob).
  • Do the Impossible
    • There are few limitations when it comes to animation. The beauty of the medium is how it allows your ideas to come to life as nothing else could. Using animation, you can portray scenarios that would otherwise be impossible to film or even explain.
  • Expand Your Reach
    • Animation allows you reach a wider audience than other mediums. People young and old respond to the magical combination of sound, movement and colorful visuals. Animation is interesting, easy to consume, and different. More importantly, it is hard to ignore.

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